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Touch coaching

We provide quality coaches to deliver tailored sessions for all standards, session plans for teams & clubs, or 1:1 / small group skills workshops. Our Nationwide network of coaches, makes our services accessible to any individual or team in England. 


1:1 coaching sessions

1:1 sessions with Dom or our coaches allow for a completely bespoke plan tailored to you so you can master any aspect of your game


60 minute session | POA

90 minute session | POA

120 minute session | POA

Ongoing regular sessions | POA


Individual development plan

1:1 performance coaching plan including:
1 x 4-week training programme
1 x 30 minute initial online consultation
1x 1:1n-person training sessions
Remote support 

1 x 15 minute online review


1 x 4-week plan | £250

* DTR recommended


Group coaching

Group sessions can be for a group of friends, or for a club / team. Sessions will include games and drills based around decision making, running patterns or working on skills as a group. If your team needs some help with tactics, training or technical aspects of the game,  one of our international players will be able to help out.


Ongoing regular sessions | POA

Enigma sessions

A completely innovative, games based session plan delivered by a handful of trusted coaches. These sessions are available to those who want to be challenged in the way they think about playing the game of Touch.

Be prepared to be challenged in one of the most enjoyable and interactive sessions around. 

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