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Touch fit

What is touch fit?

Touch Fit is a series of running based conditioning programmes specifically aimed to improve your physical performance for Touch, put together by some of the best performing England Touch athletes who have experience in physical training and programming. We know what it feels like to prepare to play Touch.

Whether you are looking to build an aerobic base, prepare for a competition or work on your speed and agility, our range of programmes have been specifically tailored to be specific to improve these aspects for the game of Touch.


Base-level conditioning plan

Running based aerobic conditioning. All sessions written for anyone at any level to improve thier current base fitness.

2 x 8-week plans


Touch-specific preparation plan

Running based sessions designed to prepare you for Touch competition. Based around multi-directional running, acceleration and repeat efforts.

2 x 8-week plans


Speed and agility plan

 Speed and change of direction drills. Based off track speed combined with reactive agility drills to beat defenders or mark up attackers.

2 x 8-week plans

"Practice what you preach"

We have a strong belief in practicing what we preach! So every session we provide has been tried, tested and adapted. Our sessions are used by current athletes to push their performance.

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