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Touch coaching plans

We want to provide the highest quality coaches and session plans to ensure you get the best return for your investment. Therefore, we would love for you to get in touch to discuss the goals and aspirations of your team or club and your current level so that we can alter our framework to ensure you have the most appropriate sessions.


Coaching session plans

4-week or 6-week themed sessions plans
Crash course on a topic
Remote support by Dom for coaching delivery


1 x themed plan | £40

3 x themed plan | £100

Touch coaching plans


Our club is new to touch, we understand the general rules and principles but don't know how to take the next step or how to structure our sessions.


Our club has played in some fixtures, we understand the general principles of playing, can score, but are looking for some progressive ideas for becoming a competitive team.


Our club regularly play and compete in fixtures, we are looking to push our players into regional squads or coach people who have the potential to play for England.

Introductory Plans


6 weeks | Introduction to touch 1

6 weeks | Introduction to touch 2

4 weeks | Line attack

4 weeks | Line Defence

4 weeks | Midfield Defence

4 weeks | Principles of Driving

Intermediate Plans


6 weeks | Intermediate touch course 1

6 weeks | Intermediate touch course 2

6 weeks | Intermediate touch course 3

4 weeks | 33 Line attack

4 weeks | 32 Line attack

4 weeks | Midfield defence

4 weeks | Line defence

4 weeks | Subset driving

4 weeks | Direct driving

Advanced Plans


4 weeks | Defence masterclass 1

4 weeks | Defence masterclass 2

4 weeks | 32 Line attack masterclass

4 weeks | ML Line attack masterclass

4 weeks | Ball playing masterclass

4 weeks | Sweeper masterclass

4 weeks | Subset transition masterclass

4 weeks | Driving masterclass

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