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30 minute massage


60 minute massage



Sports massage therapy

ITEC qualified sports massage with Dom. Can be applied to help managed niggles and injuries, prepare or recover from training. This can be done at our location or we can travel to your home.


Sports massage

Sessions are bespoke to what areas of the body you want to focus on. A small charge may apply for massages outside of our service area.


1 x 30 minute sports massage | £30

1 x 60 minute sports massage | £50

5 x 30 minute sports massage | £120

5 x 60 minute sports massage | £200

What is sports massage?

Sports Massage Therapy is the use of various hands-on techniques to assist preparation, enhance performance and promote recovery.

Whether before, during or after an event or training, sports massage has multiple benefits to both performance and injury prevention.

Why is sports massage beneficial?

Sports massage can be beneficial for:

Rehabilitation from injury

Managing and reducing chronic pain

Improving range of movement

Reducing muscle tension

Removing unwanted scar tissue and adhesion

Ensuring peak preparation for an event

Would sports massage be useful for me?

Sports massage can be suitable for:

Those with jobs that include long periods of time sat down

Those who cover long distances on foot

Those with chronic back pain

Those returning from soft tissue injuries

Pre-event preparation

Post-event rehabilitation

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